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5 tips to maintain your box braids

Updated: May 9

In our very fast pace world, where everybody wants to live an easy pixie life. Firstly, I'm a wife, mum of two adorable girls, attend full time college and the founder/ creative director of Beauty Splendour, I can relate with easy pixie, as my crazy busy everyday routine wants me to crave for hairstyles that requires low maintenance. (yes! very low maintenance).

My quest for a very low maintenance hairstyle attracted me to box braids. Wearing box braids have literally given me back 20 mins of my morning prep time. Now that I've got braids in, how do I maintain it?????? DID I HEAR YOU SCREAM THAT TOO!!!!

Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your braids to last longer(at least up to 8 weeks).

USE SILK OR SATIN SCARVES/ A PAIR OF TIGHTS - This is a no brainer! Ensure you wrap your braids in a silk or satin scarf or use a pair of tights (yes! i mean the denier tights we wear under skirts or dresses) with a silk or satin pillowcase before going to bed every night. this will help to prevent friction (wear and tear) of the braids, when you roll or turn in bed at night.

TRIM FLYAWAYS - As we style our braids everyday, there will eventually be some flyaways, maybe as a result of friction from taking off and wearing clothes, styling the braids into buns or even over growth of our natural hair. Constant trimming of flyaways with a pair of scissors is required as it helps to make braids look fresh, neat and tidy.

MOISTURISE WITH NATURAL OIL SPRAY- I've noticed overtime (say a week or two weeks after having braids), my scalp feels dry and becomes itchy. If you feel that way too, don't worry! I gat you😊! Just take an empty spray bottle, fill it half way with distilled water, add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil, 5-10 drops of lavender oil, 2 tablespoon of coconut oil(you can substitute with sweet almond oil, castor oil or avocado oil). Shake the mixture well and spray directly on your roots. This will help to moisturise your hair and prevent itchy scalp.

DON'T WASH YOUR BRAIDS ALL THE TIME- As much as washing of hair sounds good. I try not to wash my braids all the time, i usually wash my braids once in 2 weeks during the summer months when i know it will dry quickly. During the winter months(i live in Scotland, where we don't get a lot of sunshine), alternatively i use baby wipes(scented or fragrance free wipes is fine depends on your preference) to clean my scalp once a week. This help to cleanse my scalp from dirt and prevent bad odour.

PROTECT YOUR EDGES/ HAIRLINE - Lastly, as we rock our braids by styling it into high buns, half up half down or different styles. Let's be conscious of how we style our braids, to avoid putting pressure on our edges/ hair line. This is very important as BRAIDS IS A PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLE, you don't want hair loss or hair damage, as that will defeat the purpose of having braids in the first place.

Hope these 5 tips have helped you in a way you can maintain your braids. If this have add any value to you, please follow us on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and google to see our latest posts and updates. Also check our website Beauty Splendour for more info and FAQS

Much love


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My first time with promise was everything and more than I expected,what a professional,very pleasant and is the only person I would ask,so fingers crossed she can fit me in mid/end next week xxx

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