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Beauty Tips


Weave hair extension in Glasgow


Your hair extensions need to be brushed. Make sure you're brushing often(at least 3-5 times daily), to decrease the chance of tangles and to keep them soft, smooth, shiny and in their optimum condition. Start brushing at the ends of your hair extensions and gently work your way up. Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting and tangling.


Do not shampoo your hair at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied to allow the bond to set.


Washing your hair extensions should always be done properly. Do not rub, twist or massage when washing. Prior to washing, brush to remove any tangles. When washing do not turn the head upside down, but wash from top down. Wash with warm water and a mild shampoo. Apply shampoo gently at the scalp area and stroke down the hair to the tip.

Use conditioner at all times, because extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils, you need to keep them hydrated and moisturised for best results.

When applying conditioner, avoid bonded areas near the scalp. Do not use heavy protein or silicone based conditioners as it may cause the hair to matt. A leave in conditioner, detangler should be applied mid-length to ends only, do not use on the root area.



It is best to let your hair dry naturally. If you want to use dryer, first towel-air dry and use dryer on a cool-warm setting. Never go to sleep with your hair wet, make sure it's completely dry. 


With human hair extensions, you have the luxury of being able to straighten and curl them. But just like your natural hair, it must be protected, especially prior the use of any kind of hot tools like curlers, straighteners or any kind of irons, use a heat protector(thermal spray) at all times.



Don't perm, bleach, color or do any other chemical processing to your hair extensions. Let your stylist take care of that.



Try to stay away from salty  and chlorinated water. Wear a cap when swimming or keep your hair extensions out of the water. Doing any kind of sports activities, wear your hair up, in a ponytail or braid your hair in a loose braid.



If you will treat and care for your hair properly, your hair extensions will last their ultimate useful life time



NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE HAIR EXTENSIONS YOURSELF! You could cause serious damage to your natural hair.


Get the Beauty Splendour look in style. More videos will be coming your way SOON!!!!

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